Summer Classes: Classes begin July 7, 11, and 12, 2016 and will end August 11, 15, 16, 2016
*You can register for classes on the CYT website at Click on the Class icon, then full list of classes and choose your class. 

Fall Classes 2016: Our classes for the fall will be listed on the CYT website by July 15th for viewing. Registration will begin the 18th.  Again for classes you will go to the CYT website. Click on the Classes icon, then click on the Full list of classes.  Scroll down the list to find the Bel Canto classes.

Private Lessons: Instructors Pam King, Anna Smith, Josh King, and keyboard by Pat Looby, piano by Careen Stanley.
Students may sign up for weekly lessons or just a few lessons at a time.  To get started click Register on our home page.  Our Director, Pam King will be in touch with you to schedule lessons with the instructor of your choice. 

Need audition help? -  Sign up for a few voice and performance lessons and take your auditions to the next level. Contact our director, Pam King at 540-287-7836 to sign up with one of our instructors.

Keyboard for Singers
Private Performance Coaching - (learning to communicate and interpret your songs) 
Private or class Piano lessons


Monthly Tuition:

Weekly Private lessons:    30 minutes       $120.00  per month  
                                          45 minutes       $180.00
                                          60 minutes       $ 240.00

Twice a month lessons:     30 minutes      $60.00
                                          45 minutes      $90.00
                                          60 minutes      $120.00

Single private lessons:  $30 per 30 minute lesson